Huni Italiana offers the best

High quality for your specifications: as specialists in your field, you make the highest demands on the quality of your work environment. And from the planning stage to installation you also expect extensive customisation options. With Huni Italiana you can be assured of excellent quality. Aside from high quality, you also have the flexibility to configure as you need. There is a choice in the housing size, the size and arrangement of drawers, the colour, the locking system, the individual drawer partition materials and much more.

New: Huni Italiana 75 and Huni Italiana 200

Choice of two carrying capacity classes: The carrying capacity of 200 kg per drawer has been essential for the metal processing industry, some commercial operations and many types of workshops. Hence Huni Italiana has been their long-term product of choice. However, in many areas, for example in medicine, the watch industry, laboratories or museums, the goods to be stored are considerably lighter. That is why we now offer new Huni Italiana 75 – with all the advantages of Huni Italiana 200 but with only 75 kg load capacity per drawer to suit your needs.

All drawers with full extension

There is one area where Huni Italiana does not offer you a choice: all cabinets come exclusively with full drawer extension. This way you can make use of the available space right down to the last square centimetre. The entire drawer contents are easily accessible at any time.

Security in capital letters

Our great selection is rounded off by the many options which the locking system makes possible. Whether key, number combination or electronic locking with hand-held transmitter: It is up to you!