Efficiency at workplace

Huni Italiana drawer cabinets made of indestructible sheet steel and the matching workbenches are the favourites of industry and commercial operations.

Whether in the assembly hall or workshop, in the research laboratory, museum or hospital, in the components warehouse or showroom: Huni Italiana excels where tools, stored items and small components need to be available securely, in a space-saving way, clearly arranged and ready at hand.

Investment security

Those who invest in Huni Italiana plan for the future: our uncompromising quality ensures durability. And the modular nature of our products gives the flexibility of expansion of your existing product configurations as and when your requirements change.

Individual customer support

You can depend on our expert advice for the custom design of your workplace!

10-year warranty

We use exclusively high-quality materials for our Huni Italiana product line. Strength, durability and functional design are the result of decades of experience and innovation.

You can trust our quality products. That is why we give our customers a 10-year warranty (workbench tops 1 year) on the entire Huni Italiana product line.

Huni italiana security can be gauged

ISO 9001: 2000. The certification of our production processes and services is very important for us. That is why adherence to international standards is a matter of course for us. We only promise what we can deliver. And we deliver more than what we promise.