Key lock

Standard locking with the central locking system and cylinder lock comes with two keys. The patented lock secures all drawers simultaneously. Only one key type fits per drawer cabinet (separately lockable). Upon request you can also receive one key type for multiple cabinets (one key for all locks). For this feature please choose the body option "Standard lock without cylinder", in addition, the desired equivalent cylinder should be ordered.

Code lock

Here the key is replaced with a number combination. A four-to-six-digit number combination is adequate to open the Huni Italiana drawer cabinets. Using a master code, up to 20 individual user codes can be programmed and individually deleted again at any time. This means, in an operation with several people, an individual access system can be created for all cabinets fitted with Code Lock. Code Lock operates using battery power and is hence independent of the main supply.

Remote lock and remote lock mobile

Remote Lock and its mobile twin work as an electronic locking system with handheld radio transmitter. Unlocking is done through a radio signal. You assign access privileges using a programming key.

It is also possible using the appropriate components to interlink two or more cabinets. You decide whether the connected cabinets lock individually (2 pin connecting element) or together (4 pin).

Remote Lock is connected to the main supply, while Remote Lock Mobile is fitted with a rechargeable battery.